Sunday, 27 February 2011


HEY KIDS, want a masterclass in awesome? TOUGH, you're gonna bloody get one.

This, my dear friends, is a Poi:

Now, you're probably thinking "what the fuck is that thing?". I can tell you it's a light ball on a tether that has a handle for your fingers. Make as many innuendos as you want, I've thought of tonnes.

Anyway, that doo-hickey is actually inspired by traditional poi that the New Zealand Maori tribes used. It was originally designed as a weapon, but the women of the tribe turned it into a form of dance. The word 'poi' actually does mean 'ball' in Maori and they do still use the dance as a way of celebration and welcoming, sort of like the Haka dance, when not used in battles or rugby.

Now, the FUN bit.

Since then, more and more people caught onto the idea of poi and used it for their own means - for their own performances, as excercise, a way of meditation or therapy or simply to enjoy a new skill. Most techniques and tricks used are far more technical than that of the Maori dances, but they still look bloody brilliant!

For a better understanding and some impressive shit, I'm gonna post a few vids so enjoy!

Traditional Poi by traditional Maori and
Some sweet skeels by this woman! and if you still don't know or interested yourself, buy some yourself, straight from New Zealand itself!

So yes, next time I bring it up, THIS is what I'm on about! :)

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